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Minnesota REALTORS® and MN-RPAC continuously build relationships with elected officials and other housing advocates to create good policies and solid research that will result in the common goal of homeownership.

We believe state policies should not add barriers to homeownership.

Minnesota REALTORS® and MN-RPAC oppose regulations that will: increase the cost of the transaction, which ultimately increases the cost of housing affordability and homeownership; impact the timeliness of the transaction; or negatively impact and/or weaken Minnesota’s homeowners’ private property rights or homeownership incentives. We are opposed to a government mandate on select individuals (buyers and sellers), especially when the resources are directed away from those individuals.

View our Policy Positions Booklet for specific positions on Taxes, Disclosure, Environmental Issues and much more here.


RPAC makes individual political disbursements to: 

1) Incumbents who have demonstrated their commitment to working with and for REALTORS® and

2) Open seat candidates with whom MN REALTORS® hope to build good working relationships. RPAC also donates to legislative caucuses and contributes to gubernatorial candidates.

The primary goal of RPAC contributions is driven by principle: to support and help re-elect candidates who are committed to REALTOR® issues. The secondary goal is driven by pragmatism: to support candidates who will be elected and serving in positions important to REALTOR® issues.

Based on these two objectives, RPAC was an active participant in the last election and made further disbursements in 2015. Below is a list of our supported candidates and caucuses:

2014 2015
Nels Pierson III – (R) Rep. Joe Hoppe – R
Roz Peterson – (R) Sen. Jim Metzen – DFL
Jon Koznick – (R) Sen. Vicki Jensen – DFL
Rep. Jerry Hertaus – (R) Sen. Rod Skoe – DFL
Rep. Erin Murphy (DFL) Rep. Greg Davids – R
Rep. Paul Thissen (DFL) Sen. Tom Bakk – DFL
Rep. Frank Hornstein (DFL) Sen. Karin Housley – R
Rep. Ryan Winkler (DFL) Rep. Pat Garofalo - R
Kirk Stensrud – (R) Sen. Carrie Ruud - R
Ryan Rutzick – (R)  
Jen Wilson – (R)  



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Also announced at our annual meeting today... congrats to the following associations for winning the 2016 Minnesota Triple Crown Award: Duluth Area Association of REALTORS Greater Alexandria Area Association of Realtors, Inc Greater Lakes Association Of Realtors Southeast Minnesota Realtors Realtor Association of Southern Minnesota Itasca County Board of REALTORS Range Association of REALTORS

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