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Mary McNaney Knudsen

Name: Mary McNaney Knudsen
Office: Coldwell Banker Burnet - Highland Park
City: St. Paul
Number of years as a REALTOR®: 16
Number of years as a MN-RPAC Major Investor: 1

What would you say to an RPAC investor who is interested in becoming a Major Investor but thinks it is too much money? ​

An investment in RPAC is an investment in your career. While it is not as tangible as a new laptop, having housing - friendly elected officials in office is critical for our industry. With tax reform on the horizon we need to be proactive about protecting tax incentives for home owners and real estate investors. The loss of the mortgage interest tax deduction, capital gains on exclusion on the sale of primary residences and 1031 exchanges would be detrimental to our business. 

While increasing your RPAC investment to $1,000 or more may seem like a lot of money, with the issues at hand, I believe it is the best investment you can make in your business.

How has your support of RPAC impacted your daily business? ​

Through my involvement in RPAC as well as work I have done for both SPAAR and MNAR, I have become more aware of issues at hand and can speak more knowledgably about them to my clients. I've had the opportunity to meet with elected officials at both the state and national level and believe that this involvement makes a difference on how they vote on housing issues. My clients appreciate that I'm an advocate for homeownership and property rights.  

What piece of advice would you offer to fellow NEW REALTORS® who are just starting out in the business and are unsure of how RPAC will impact their business?

As a new Realtor, there is so much you need to learn and do to get your business started. It is easy to get bogged down in all the details, but it is really important to get involved in the associations and learn about the issues. Doing so well increase your level of professionalism, even if you do not have a lot of years behind you. An investment in RPAC can be as little as $15. As your business grows, so can your level of investment.

If you weren’t a REALTOR, what occupation would you have?

Being a Realtor is so much part of who I am that it is difficult to imagine doing something else. While I don't possess the necessary skills, I think I would enjoy being a college professor. I love working with bright, young adults who are passionate about learning and succeeding. With several college - aged or soon to be college - aged kids of my own, the tuition benefits would be compelling too!



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